• April 29, 2017 /  San Bernardino CA, Suspicious Death


      Written by Chandler Vaughn

    SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – It was a Friday evening in the city of San Bernardino.

    January Lynn Blaithwaite, 35, grabbed her cell phone, stepped out the front door to smoke a cigarette…and simply disappeared.

    JANUARY BLAITHWAITE – The first sign of trouble was the condition of January’s cell phone, located outside her mother’s home on the walkway, smashed into bits.

    BODY FOUND – Sadly, later that night, December 9, 2016, January was found on the westbound lane of California’s 210 freeway.  A passer by saw her and called 911, but it was too late.

    January Blaithwaite, beloved Mother of three, was pronounced dead at the scene.

    SUSPICIOUS DEATH – It has been assumed that January was likely hit by a car.  That may have been what  ended her life, but doesn’t explain how or why  January was on the freeway, 5 miles from home in the first place; and why her phone was found smashed.

    It is unknown what happened the night January Braithwaite was killed, but it seems that foul play could be involved.

    SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SHERIFF – If you have any information regarding the suspicious death of January Blaithwaite, please call the San Bernardino County Sheriff at 909-388-4826.

    A Memorial Fund has been set up for January Blaithwaite on GoFundMe.Com

    Prayers of Comfort for Stella Rosas, January’s Mom.  True Love Never  Dies.

    Contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com



     Written by Chandler Vaughn

    ORANGEVALE, Calif– To the shock of the community, beloved senior couple, John and Christoria Bilkei were found dead on July 26, 1980. 

    JOHN AND CHRISTORIA BILKEI MURDER- Sadly, these sweet Grandparents had been violently attacked and stabbed to death in their own home on Donnawood Way in Orangevale.

    It was obvious to investigators that a tremendous struggle had occurred but there was no clear murder suspect to name. In the 1980’s the use of DNA by law enforcement had not yet become available. An arrest was never made in the case.

    The Bilkei’s double homicide remains unsolved after 37 years. 

    SACRAMENTO CO. SHERIFF- The Sacramento County Sheriff is revisiting this cold case and is asking for the public’s help in solving it.

    If you have any information on the unsolved double murder of John and Christoria Bilkei, please contact: Sacramento County Sheriff at 916-874-5057.

    To leave an anonymous tip call 916-874-TIPS (8477).

    For online contact: WWW.sacsheriff.com: click “cold case” and then “tips and alerts”…Enter case #80-54812 to specify information about John and Christoria Bilkei.

    Family and friends of John and Christoria are still grieving the loss of this lovely California couple. May they rest in God’s Eternal Peace.



      Written by Chandler Vaughn

    MOJAVE DESERT, Calif.– Since the year 2000, disturbing numbers of women have disappeared or have been found murdered in southern California’s desert regions.

    MISSING GIRLS OF THE DESERT- The list below is limited to the years 2000-2010. San Bernardino and Riverside Counties are included. Most of the following women were found off of California’s famous Route 66, I-15,  or in the open desert.

    (Left column: Year victim disappeared)

    1. 2000 Diana Raquel Rojas-Missing. (Remains may be in Ridgecrest).
    2. 2000 Kathryn Barrett- Body found 2008. Phelan, Ca.
    3. 2001 Charlotte Mower-Body found 2003. Body I.D. 2013. Needles, Ca. Rt.66
    4. 2002 Kristina Garcia-Body found near Fort Irwin off I-15. Barstow, Ca.
    5. 2002 “Wild Road Jane Doe 13-02”-Body found off I-15. Helendale, Ca. Rt 66.
    6. 2003 Christina Battin-Missing. Thousand Palms, Ca.
    7. 2003 Jodi Brewer-Torso found off I-15, Cima Road, San Bern Co, Ca.
    8. 2004 April Pitzer-Missing. Newberry Springs, Ca. Rt 66
    9. 2004 Alina Garcia- Body found off I-15 Barstow, Ca. Rt 66.
    10. 2005 Kristine Hamilton- Missing. Moreno Valley, Ca.
    11. 2006 Maureen Fields-Missing from Nevada. Car found in California.
    12. 2010 “San Bernardino Jane Doe(2010)”- Head in backpack I-15 Barstow, Ca.
    13. 2010 Zzyzx Road Burned Remains found, Baker, Ca. off I-15.

    This is a very short example of the missing and murdered women of the California desert. There are simply to many (in this region) to ever make this list complete.

    • Women killed in their own homes, too many to list.
    • Unidentified sets of human remains found in the desert (by number), too many to list.

    I will continue to add to this list until the missing are found, or justice is served.

    True Love Never Dies.

    Contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com


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      Written by Chandler Vaughn

    CHARLESTON, West Virginia- July 18, 2015. Neal M. Falls, suspected serial killer, shot dead with his own gun by escort in West Virginia.

    BACKPAGE.COM- Heather Saul, 30 year-old escort, advertises her services on a dangerous prostitution website called “BackPage.com”.

    On the Saturday in question, Neal Falls simply responded to the ad.

    “Sexy, red-headed sweetheart”, the ad said…A serial killer’s dream.

    NEAL FALLS KILLED BY ESCORT-  It was a summer afternoon, 3 p.m. Heather opened her door to an average looking, 45 year-old, white male. Upon seeing that no one else was in her apartment, he jammed a gun into her side.

    “Live or die”?, Falls demanded.

    He started violently strangling her. Heather noticed a small rake in the kitchen (a pet poop scoop) and grabbed it to fight him off. Fortunately, he put his gun down to regain control of her. At that moment, she seized the loaded gun and shot behind herself, over her shoulder. Heather revealed later that she could hear the sound of “fluids” hitting the floor as he slumped and slowly fell.

    Neal Falls was shot in the head and killed instantly.

          Suspect’s Vehicle

    MURDER SUSPECT’S VEHICLE– Police were called to the scene. Parked outside Heather’s residence, an innocent looking gold Subaru-type SUV with Oregon plates. Inside it was found the most grim set of tools. Investigators located a “kill kit” under the wagon’s back hatch. A mess of hatchets, knives, shovels and handcuffs strewn about unapologetically. Bleach, garbage bags, the list is long. The driver of this car appears to have been a lifetime predator. One can only hope the SUV’s filthy interior will yield DNA samples to solve his horrific crimes.

        Neal Falls “Kill Kit”

    NEAL FALLS- Authorities suspect the dead killer has likely murdered and dismembered women from coast to coast, as far back as the year 2000.

    Body parts in plastic bags, hundreds of miles apart. Often near an interstate highway.

    Missing girls and women. Some of them in pieces.

    FBI MULTI- STATE INVESTIGAION– The FBI suspects that Neal Falls may have left a jagged swath of murder victims running through West Virginia, Ohio, New York, Illinios, Kansas, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, California and at least 10 other states.

      Suspect is Oregon Resident

    SERIAL KILLER- It appears that Neal Falls, resident of Springfield, Oregon, had no criminal history. His identity as a serial killer slipped past law enforcement for years. He worked as a security guard and possibly for the railroad, all across the United States.

    He was fingerprinted by the FBI when obtaining his many security guard certifications. His certifications were active from 1999-2015.

    From 2000-2008 Neal Falls was employed as a “traffic control guard” at Hoover Dam. He lived in Henderson, Nevada, on the outskirts of Vegas. During this time period authorities believe he may have killed women and dumped their bodies in California, just across Nevada/Arizona State Lines. In those days, he may have used Craigslist, in addition to finding his victims on the open road.

    Former Hoover Dam co-workers of Neal Falls, (who found his behavior bizarre) once asked him what he had been doing the night before. He exclaimed without reservation “I was driving up and down the highway!”.

    Many girls were reported missing (or found dead) from the Mojave desert region of southern California during the 8 year period in which Neal Falls worked at Hoover Dam.

    After Falls was fatally shot by Heather Saul, a list was recovered from his pocket with the names of ten women. Police believe the named females were going to be his next victims.

    Nine of the women on the list were from West Virginia, one of them from San Diego.

    MISSING/ UNSOLVED MURDERS- With so many missing and murdered women in California from Oregon to the Mexican Border, is it possible Neal Falls, the alleged Butcher of Backpage”, was here?

    Although Neal Falls was active thousands of miles from the Mojave Desert, his most current address was Oregon, which may have brought him to the interstates of California for the past 15 years.


    • Interstate 1-15 from San Bernardino to Barstow to Vegas
    • Interstate I-40 from Barstow to Needles to Arizona

    Not only are there predators in the desert, these famous highways cut through some of the hottest places on Earth. Death Valley holds the world’s highest recorded temperature of 134 degrees. 

    Girls do not travel these interstates alone. Not even in broad daylight.

    Historically, long desert highways have attracted mayhem of all sorts. Both I-15 and I-40 are part of Old Route 66. Stories of the Mojave and Old Route 66 are legendary and quite mysterious.

    Manson. Mummies. Mine Shafts and Murders.

    Welcome to California.

    Please Follow the Law and Stay Safe.

    TRUE CRIME CALIFORNIA- Contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com

    …A quick note to Ms. Heather Saul of West Virginia. BRAVO. You’re quite bad ass. If you can kill a serial killer…you can do anything.  Sincerely, Chandler Vaughn.


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          Written by Chandler Vaughn

    BARSTOW, Calif.- The above composite sketch is the likeness of a young girl who was murdered and barbarically decapitated, seven years ago this month, in February 2010. She is known as San Bernardino Jane Doe (Feb 2010).

    HUMAN REMAINS FOUND IN DESERT- In February 2010, a man hunting for aluminum cans came across a backpack on Lenwood Road, a dusty desert byway in Barstow, just off interstate 15 near California 58.  He picked up the backpack (shown above) and opened it to find the severed head of a teenage girl wrapped in two plastic grocery bags.

    Barstow Police were called to the scene.

    SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY JANE DOE- The girl was estimated to be 14-19 years of age. She was Latina or possibly Caucasian. Her hair was brown. She had been deceased for around three days before she was discovered by the roadside. Extensive dental work present in her mouth indicates she was fairly well taken care.

    SKETCH OF VICTIM– A composite sketch of what the young Jane Doe may have looked like was released by authorities. The remaining parts of her body were never found, so a height and weight couldn’t be determined.

    Jane Doe’s murder and identity remain unsolved. Did you know her?

    BARSTOW POLICE- If you have information on the identity of San Bernardino Jane Doe, please call Barstow Police at 760-255-5134 or 1-800-78-CRIME to leave an anonymous tip.

    Rest in Eternal Peace Jane…God Be With You…True Love Never Dies



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  • April 18, 2016 /  Body Found, True Crime

    Steph Dixon DHS  Written by Chandler Vaughn

    DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif- A sad discovery was made the morning of August 30, 2015. Young mom and beloved friend, Stephanie Corrine Dixon was found deceased in Riverside County. Stephanie was a resident of nearby Morongo Valley who had recently made wonderful progress in her life and was getting back on track.

    STEPHANIE DIXON- Stephanie’s body was recovered from the Mission Creek Wash in Desert Hot Springs. Her death is considered suspicious by Desert Hot Springs Police and remains unsolved.

    RIVERSIDE COUNTY CORONER- Cause of death in this case has never been released.

    Stephanie Dixon is loved and missed by many who feel certain that foul play was involved.

    DESERT HOT SPRINGS POLICE– If you have any information regarding the suspicious death of Stephanie Corrine Dixon please contact the Desert Hot Springs Police Dept at 760-329-2904 or Crime Stoppers at 760-341-STOP.

    True Crime California wishes to offer its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Stephanie Dixon. TCC will continue to post updates until the circumstances of her death are brought to light. True Love Never Dies.


    Comments/Contact: If any pictures of Stephanie Dixon are available to post here in her honor, please email to chandlerzone@gmail.com.

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  • The Murder of Erika Lango

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    Erika Padron Lango DELANO, Calif.

    KERN COUNTY: The fertile Kern Valley of California has never been witness to a darker deed than on Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013. On this shameful night, a young lady named Erika Lango was murdered and dumped into the shallow waters of the Friant-Kern Canal.

    ERIKA LANGO, 26, worked as a dental assistant to support her four beautiful children. She was married to the children’s father, Julio Lango. Erika was loved by many in the small community of Delano, an agricultural suburb of Bakersfield, located in the famous “grape belt” of California.

    HISTORY OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: As it happens, just weeks before she went missing, Erika filed a restraining order and spousal battery charges against her husband, Julio, a U.S. Marine who served in Iraq. It appears that Erika and Julio were headed for divorce.

    Erika’s mother, Esther Padron, stated that her son-in-law, Julio Lango, had called her the morning after Erika’s disappearance to announce that Erika had not come home. Julio claimed that he and Erika were having drinks together at her apartment when an argument insued between them. With that, Julio said that Erika walked out the door at 10 p.m. to go visit a friend, on foot, and hadn’t returned.

    When Esther heard Julio’s account of what had happened, she immediately called authorities to report her daughter missing. Esther and family members examined the couple’s SUV to see if anything looked unusual. Peering into the window of the SUV, dark red spots came into focus. Two spots, to be exact, that looked like drops of blood on the center console. Also in plain sight, a baseball bat and a pink sweater that Erika was wearing the night before. Later that day, the SUV was impounded by Delano Police to be thoroughly inspected for evidence.

    By this time, Erika’s family was in a state of alert, disturbed by the fact that Julio had been at Erika’s apartment, in direct violation of the restraining order she had filed with Kern County.  In addition, Julio’s story of Erika “walking to a friends house” sounded unbelievable. Her family found it odd for Erika to walk anywhere and stated they couldn’t imagine her doing so, especially in the middle of the night. Furthermore, the “friend”, who Erika allegedly walked to visit, admitted having no plans to see her that night, when questioned by police.

    MISSING PERSONS SEARCH: The agonizing search for Erika began. Prayers for her safety weighted the hearts of family members and concerned Delano residents. Facts were uncovered by day, while vigils were held by night.

    Shortly after the investigation began, a video tape from the local a.m./ p.m. mini mart was recovered by police. This discovery put Julio Lango at odds with his own story of the night in question. Video footage from Oct. 9 shows Erika making a purchase at 10:29 p.m. wearing the same pink sweater that was found in the SUV the next day. She then leaves the market and waits by the SUV. Julio enters the drivers side of vehicle and drives away with Erika Lango.

    This was the last time Erika was seen alive.

    JULIO LANGO was arrested for violating the restraining order Erika had filed prior to her disappearance, as was evidenced in the video obtained from the a.m./ p.m. mini mart. At this point, The Delano Police Department officially named Julio Lango a person of interest in the case. Eventually, Julio was also charged with spousal battery in Kern County Superior Court on Oct. 31, 2013, despite Erika’s absence in the courtroom.

    November came and went, no sign of Erika.

    Sadly, on Dec. 3, an employee of the Friant-Kern Irrigation District, discovered a human body floating in the 152 mile-long canal. The Delano Police Department and Kern County Sheriff’s Office were called to recover the remains.

    Hearts were breaking as the body of a young citizen was pulled from the waters of The Friant-Kern. With unspeakable sadness, her identity was confirmed to be Erika Lango.

    Erika’s murder remains unsolved.

    If you have any information regarding the unsolved murder of Erika Padron Lango, please contact the Delano Police Department at 661-721-3377.

    True Crime California offers it’s deepest sympathy and prayers for the loved ones of Erika Lango. TCC will continue posting updates until Justice is served. True Love Never Dies.

    *If you are interested in submitting a photo of Erika to be posted on this website, in loving memory, please email: chandlerzone@gmail.com. For comments on this article: truecrimecalifornia@gmail.com.

    Written by Chandler Vaughn

    Note: “Persons of interest” in any criminal investigation are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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  • July 23, 2013 /  Body Found, Sutter County Unsolved

    victim picchi photo Written by Chandler Vaughn

    SUTTER CO.- On the morning of April 2, 1999 a heartbreaking discovery was made in southern Sutter County, California. The body of Elizabeth Francis Picchi was found near a drainage canal, she had been murdered.

    ELIZABETH PICCHI- Elizabeth was a 31 year old Grass Valley resident who frequented the Yuba-Sutter area. She was last seen in a nearby area known as Linda.

    Sadly, Elizabeth’s body was found unclothed. She had been strangled and stabbed multiple times. The community of Sutter was shocked. This vicious crime was committed successfully, without detection.

    REWARD: In 1999, The Carole Sund Foundation donated a $10,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the case of Elizabeth Picchi. Carole Sund, (whom the foundation is named after), along with daughter, Juli, and friend Silvina Peloso were found murdered outside Yosimite National Park in March 1999, the same year Elizabeth Picchi was found.

    California citizens be advised, although it has been over 15 years since this horrific crime was committed, it remains unsolved and Elizabeth’s killer, remains at large.

    Elizabeth Picchi continues to be loved and missed by family and friends in the area.

    SUTTER CO. SHERIFF- If you have any information regarding this case please contact the Sutter County Sheriff at 530-822-7307.

    Deepest sympathy to Elizabeth’s mother, Patricia Picchi, daughter, Krystal Keller and loved ones. True Crime California will continue to post updates on this case until Elizabeth’s murderer is brought to face the full force of Justice. True Love Never Dies.

    If any other photos of Elizabeth are available to post, please send to chandlerzone@gmail.com.

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  • mourning-angelCOOL, Calif- Written by Chandler Vaughn

    VERONICA MARTINNEZ– In January 1992, a young California citizen named Veronica Martinez left her home to go grocery shopping and was never seen alive again. Very few facts are known about what actually happened to Veronica that day in 1992 over twenty years ago, but what has been released to the public is horrific.

    BODY FOUND– The following is written with great sadness. Veronica’s remains were found two months later in early March, a few miles north of Cool, California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Veronica had been murdered and dumped onto an embankment off of State Hwy 49 that runs along the American River. The fact that a 19 year old, pregnant mother of two had been murdered was terrible enough, but Veronica had been decapitatedIt was unspeakable.

    UNSOLVED MURDER– This unsolved murder has been under publicized. While details of a case must be kept classified to insure the integrity of an investigation, it simultaneously allows the local citizens to remain uninformed and unaware of ongoing danger that may be present in their community.  In addition, this crime took place such a long time ago that many residents feel a false sense of security or have never even heard of it.

    TRUE CRIME CALIFORNIA– The questions regarding this case abound. Was it someone Veronica knew who tried to conceal her identity? Is it possible her killer is still at large in California? It is. Always take caution. Be Safe California.

    EL DORADO COUNTY SHERIFF– If you have information relating to the Veronica Martinez case please contact the El Dorado Co. Sheriffs Office at 530-621-5655.

    Deepest sympathy to the family and friends of beloved California citizen, Veronica Martinez. True Crime California will continue to post updates until her killer is brought to face the full force of justice. True Love Never Dies.

    Contact Chandler Vaughn: chandlerzone@gmail.com.

    Comments for True Crime California Website: truecrimecalifornia@gmail.com

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