• Beware! Halloween Predator in Grass Valley

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    October 29, 2013 /  California Beware!, True Crime Prevention

    beware pumpkinBeware! Halloween Predator in Grass Valley, California.

    It is unfortunate to have to print those words…”Beware! Halloween Predator!” Sounds pretty sensational for a small town like Grass Valley, but it’s not. There have been 4 attempted abductions in Grass Valley since July 2013. This is not just a catchy headline, it’s a reality.

    The first victim was an 18 year old, the following two victims were 13, and the last small victim was only 5. All were female. All were approached in vehicles. *(Please see previous TCC post, “Alert Grass Valley” Oct 13th for details, locations and description of suspects.)*

    Nevada County Residents: Exercise Extreme Caution this Halloween! This advisory applies to all surrounding areas including Nevada City, Cedar Ridge, Chicago Park, Colfax, Penn Valley and especially Grass Valley itself, daytime hours included.

    Although the excitement of “Trick or Treating” is adored by some children (and adults) more than Christmas morning, it’s a very risky activity this season anywhere in Nevada County.

    Child and female predators do not “just stop”. Predators learn much from their failures and are driven to continue, until they succeed. Sickening but true. Please keep that in mind this October 31st.

    Happy Halloween! Be Safe California.

    If you have any information on the attempted kidnappings/child abductions in Grass Valley or to report suspicious behavior please contact the Nevada County Sheriff at 530-265-7880.




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  • October 13, 2013 /  California Beware!, True Crime Prevention

    008Child Predator Alert in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California.

    Since July 2013, four attempted abductions have occurred in Grass Valley, California. The individual(s) responsible have not been taken into custody and remain at large. Residents are advised to exercise extreme caution!

    The first abduction attempt was reported on Thursday, July 11th by an 18 year old female walking to an apartment complex on Dorsey Drive in Grass Valley. The young lady reported that a male driver attempted to pull her into his vehicle, a small, dark colored wagon, resembling a Subaru. The suspect was described as a young male in his mid 20’s  to 30’s with dirty blond “dread locks”. She struggled with the attacker and was able to run away.

    The second abduction attempt took place on Friday, the 13th of September. After exiting her school bus in south Nevada County, a female Magnolia student was approached by a man in his 40’s, driving an older red truck, possibly American made. He was described as having light gray or white hair with a darker goatee.The suspect offered a ride, to which the young lady said no, but this angered the suspect and he began yelling and demanding she get in. Thankfully, she ran away and made it home to her mother. This attempt took place at Combie and Rodeo Flat Roads.

    The third attempt occurred Sunday, September 22nd on Dorsey Drive. A 13 year old female was approached by a man with short, light brown hair, this time, in an older truck with yellow worn or faded spots, who asked her if she wanted a ride. (This is the second attempted abduction on Dorsey Drive since July.) Evidently, law enforcement officers questioned the suspect after this incident, but he was not arrested.  His suspicious explanation was that he mistook her for an adult. Giant red flag.

    The most recent attempt occurred on Sunday, September 29th near Rattlesnake and Dog Bar Roads. A 5 year old female and her younger brother were approached by an older man with a mustache, driving a late model red truck, who then asked her to climb in and “help find his puppy”.  The children ran home and made it to safety. (This suspect is the second individual described as an older man in a red truck.)  Although it is unknown if any of these incidents are related, there appear to be some similarities.

    Unfortunately, these predators will continue hunting until they are successful. Whether at a bus stop, riding a bike home, or simply playing in the front yard, children, teens and even young adult females need to be cautious. It doesn’t seem possible for a child abductor or rapist to blend into a safe place like Grass Valley, but until these crimes are solved, it appears to be happening.

    Citizens of Nevada County Take Extreme Caution!

    Stay Alert. Take note of surrounding cars, trucks and human activity at all times, day and night. Take note of locations and proximity to schools and parks. Notice anyone who looks suspicious. It is possible that these attempts are being carried out by persons who change vehicles or alter their physical appearance, so stay on guard.

    Reminder: On most Halloween nights in Grass Valley and Nevada City, residents are safe to enjoy trick or treating in almost any neighborhood, but are now advised to be on HIGH ALERT and take extra precaution until the suspect(s) are taken into custody.

    If you have any information relating to the attempted female abductions in Grass Valley please contact the Nevada County Sheriff at 530-265-7880.

    Please Keep Your Kids Indoors and Stay Safe California. Written by Chandler Vaughn. Contact chandlerzone@gmail.com

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  • July 17, 2013 /  True Crime Prevention

    008Citizens of Nevada County Be Advised:

    On Thursday, July 11, 2013 an attempted abduction took place at the 200 block of Dorsey Drive, Grass Valley, California.

    An 18 year old young woman was walking at 9:50 p.m. from one apartment complex to another when a man pulled up in a dark colored hatchback or wagon and attempted to pull her into his vehicle. The young Grass Valley resident was able to fight and escape but the predator also got away and is now at large.

    The suspect’s description and vehicle were reported as follows:

    • White Male 
    • Age: Late 20’s to 30’s
    • 5 feet 11 inches tall dark blond hair in dreadlocks.
    • Tattoo on right arm.  
    • Vehicle: Dark Colored hatchback or wagon style vehicle.  Possibly a Subaru.

    If you have any information regarding this case please contact the Grass Valley Police Department at 530-477-4600.

    Written by Chandler Vaughn. Contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com

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