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    chico bike path 3  Written by Chandler Vaughn

    CHICO, Calif-  The town of Chico is historic, sophisticated and intensely groovy.

    CHICO STATE UNIVERSITY- Although Chico State is known for crazy frat parties, it’s true rock-stardom arises from actual education. Chico State is simply a great school. Many students come knowing Chico’s best attributes, but do not realize it’s dangers until they arrive on campus.

    CHICO STATE BIKE PATH- The trail that leads from Shurmer Gym to Nord Avenue has become truly dangerous.  It’s called the “Rape Trail”.  Enough said.

    Ladies of Chico…Please stop using this path until security cameras are installed.

    Consider this: 

    • Avoiding this trail at night is not enough. Rapes occur in morning and at night.
    • Traveling in pairs is not enough.
    • The Chico State Bike Path is not  the only unsafe trail.
    • Avoid all remote/secluded areas and paths.

    CHICO POLICE BIKE PATH SAFETY PROJECT- The North Valley Community Foundation is taking donations to fund the installation of security cameras along the Chico State Bike Path from the edge of campus to the railroad tracks. Please click the link below to donate online.

    Visit https://www.nvcf.org…Every dollar counts.


    True Love Never Dies. chandlerzone@gmail.com.


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  • California Serial Rapist to be Released

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    Serial Rapist  SAN JOSE, Calif. 

    UPDATE: CHRISTOPHER HUBBART, “The Pillow Case Rapist”, will be released no later than July 7, 2014.  He will then be renting a small house in the Palmdale area of Southern California.

    See story below:

    SERIAL RAPIST TO BE RELEASED: A public hearing will be held on May 21, 2014  in Santa Clara County Superior Court to determine where Christopher Hubbart, serial rapist, (shown above) will live when he is released.

    Yes, you heard that right… Not IF  he is released, but when

    This sexual predator is California’s “Pillow Case Rapist‘, who admits to violently raping over fifty women since 1971. He is now 62 years old.  Hubbart has been sent to state mental hospitals, repeatedly, as well as serving multiple prison sentences, while raping each time in between. Sadly, he was known to choose mothers with children, in their own homes, because the women would submit to his will more easily.

    Each time CHRISTOPHER HUBBART is up for review or release, he is approved. Parole boards, judges, therapists and “experts”, continually decide for us, the citizens of California, to jeopardize our safety and our children’s safety, by approving his release. This is of course, outrageous. But, it is a fact.

    PILLOW CASE RAPIST: As a mother, I can’t describe how disturbed I am regarding the way this sexual predator has been dealt with. I will not name the judge who has decided to release the “Pillow Case Rapist”, but I will say this:  This ruling is at best, highly questionable.  Furthermore, with one strike of the gavel, has made California a more dangerous place to live.

    It seems the only way to protect ourselves is to do exactly that,  protect ourselves!  Buy a stun gun. Carry pepper spray.  Better yet, bear spray, so it shoots a longer distance!  Get anything you can to keep safe.

    *I am NOT, and never have been a gun advocate, but if rapists are released in California after re-offending FIFTY TIMES, then maybe I should be!

    SELF DEFENSE IDEAS: In addition to stun guns and pepper spray, emergency whistles and hand held alarms are shrill and very inexpensive. For your home: motion lights, a barking dog, even a baseball bat by the front door are better than nothing. Get something. Get all of them.  Lock your doors and windows while you are at home, even if it’s hot or uncomfortable. And, DO NOT leave your garage door open, ever.

    Apply your highest level of alert. Summer time is when all predators are most active.

    A variety of self defense products can be found at www.cabelas.com.

    Note: See previous post, “Teen Self Defense”, for non-lethal, self defense options.

    Be Safe California.

    Written by Chandler Vaughn.

    Send comments to: www.truecrimecalifornia@gmail.com


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