• Grass Valley: Gorton Accused of Teen Rape

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    Randolph Gorton GRASS VALLEY, Calif – Written by Chandler Vaughn

    SEXUAL ASSAULT– A 16-year-old female was lured into an apartment on Dorsey Drive to “babysit” for Randolph Scott Gorton, 35, at which time she was allegedly drugged and raped. The sexual assault was reported on Feb 12, 2015 to Grass Valley Police by the victim’s mother.

    ACCUSED RAPIST, Randolph Gorton, was apprehended by Grass Valley Police shortly thereafter.

    Since 2013, there have been SIX separate attempted abductions reported to law enforcement in Nevada County. The above mentioned incident is the SEVENTH, three of which occurred on Dorsey drive.

    • DORSEY DRIVE Incident #1– July 11, 2013, an 18-year-old female was attacked on Dorsey Drive, dragged toward a man’s car, but narrowly escaped his grasp. The man and his dark colored “Subaru” type wagon were described by the victim to police, but no sketch was released to the public. The suspect remained at large.
    • DORSEY DRIVE Incident #2– Sept 22, a 13-year-old female was offered a ride by a man in an older truck with yellow or faded spots and then groped as he tried to pull her in. This time, the suspect was questioned by Grass Valley Police, but was released after explaining that he “thought she was an adult”.
    • SOUTH COUNTY Incidents– In addition to Dorsey Drive, teenagers were also approached in South Nevada County near Bear River and Magnolia Schools. The descriptions given by four other victims did not exactly match the reports from Dorsey Drive. The South County suspect was described as an older man driving one of several vehicles:
    • Red, American model, older truck
    • Black, oxidized, Dodge Durango
    • Black, newer  SUV , Toyota 4-runner type.

    The cases were never confirmed to be related by law enforcement.

    Unfortunately, if these cases are not related, it is possible there is still another  predator at large in South Nevada CountyParents exercise extreme caution. Teens especially.

    See TCC article titled  “Grass Valley Abduction Attempts”  for full descriptions of the suspect(s) and vehicle in the South County incidents, and original post titled  “Grass Valley Alert”  for description and vehicle of Dorsey drive suspect(s).

    All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    Written by Chandler Vaughn

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