• April 8, 2016 /  California Safety, Predator Alert!

    chico bike path 3  Written by Chandler Vaughn

    CHICO, Calif-  The town of Chico is historic, sophisticated and intensely groovy.

    CHICO STATE UNIVERSITY- Although Chico State is known for crazy frat parties, it’s true rock-stardom arises from actual education. Chico State is simply a great school. Many students come knowing Chico’s best attributes, but do not realize it’s dangers until they arrive on campus.

    CHICO STATE BIKE PATH- The trail that leads from Shurmer Gym to Nord Avenue has become truly dangerous.  It’s called the “Rape Trail”.  Enough said.

    Ladies of Chico…Please stop using this path until security cameras are installed.

    Consider this: 

    • Avoiding this trail at night is not enough. Rapes occur in morning and at night.
    • Traveling in pairs is not enough.
    • The Chico State Bike Path is not  the only unsafe trail.
    • Avoid all remote/secluded areas and paths.

    CHICO POLICE BIKE PATH SAFETY PROJECT- The North Valley Community Foundation is taking donations to fund the installation of security cameras along the Chico State Bike Path from the edge of campus to the railroad tracks. Please click the link below to donate online.

    Visit https://www.nvcf.org…Every dollar counts.


    True Love Never Dies. chandlerzone@gmail.com.


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