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    CALIFORNIA: HOW TO REPORT A MISSING PERSON – You may initiate a Missing Persons Report of any adult or juvenile by contacting your local law enforcement agency. Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement agencies in California do not require a person to wait a specific period of time before reporting a missing person.

    If you have to report a missing person, be thorough. When a person is reported missing in California, it is best for the family to make contact at all four levels of law enforcement. This is imperative to ensure the name of the missing person be logged into city, county, state and nationwide search systems, if possible.

    List of Missing Persons Resources:

    • Nat’l Missing and Unidentified Persons System: WWW.NAMUS.GOV
    • California Attorney General’s Office: WWW.OAG.CA.GOV
    • Nat’l Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-THE-LOST
    • Missing Children’s Clearinghouse: 1-800-222-FIND
    • FACEBOOK: Another way to highlight your missing loved one’s case is to visit “Missing Persons of America” and “Locate the Missing” on Facebook. Here you can post free ads for missing persons…and re-post frequently, to keep your search alive.

    CALIFORNIA LAW ENFORCEMENT– Our law enforcement agencies do an excellent job of finding and solving missing persons and murder cases. However, many new cases arise each day. Diligent action from families and communities help NamUs and smaller agencies in California stay up-to-date.

    UNMATCHED DNA– Even in this day and age, human remains go unidentified for years.

    ISAIAH MARSH– For example, take the well publicized case of Isaiah Marsh…May he rest in Peace.

    • First, Isaiah was reported missing in Nevada County, California.
    • Next, Isaiah’s truck was found in Riverside County, nine hours away…abandoned.
    • Finally, Isaiah’s remains were located, but continued to be unidentified in Riverside County for four years.
    • Four years later– Isaiah’s unidentified remains were matched to his Missing Person Report/DNA originally filed in Nevada County.

    Tips from True Crime California:

    • California Counties– It is wise to start with the county where the missing person was last seen / known to be. There are hundreds of micro-towns in California, so tiny they cannot be recognized on a map. If you are just starting your search, begin with county first.
    • State of California– Immediately following a missing persons report, a sample of the missing person’s DNA should be made available to the The State of California. Unidentified remains (from anywhere in the State or USA) can then be matched when located, rather than years later.

    MISSING ADULTS- If your child is a missing adult and you feel concerned, do not hesitate to file a report with the city or county in which your child was last seen. If your child is in distress, it’s the one way to help find them.

    Keep Searching…True Love Never Dies.

    Comments or Contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com

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  • Elizabeth Picchi Wish You Were Here

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    055 victim picchi photo  ELIZABETH YOU ARE LOVED

    WISH YOU WERE HERE – It has been 17 years today that 31 year-old mother, Elizabeth Picchi was found murdered on April 2, 1999.

    Elizabeth’s murder has never been solved.

    A friend of Elizabeth’s left a comment on this website once…she said the song “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd reminds her of Elizabeth. So, today,… please play that song for Elizabeth. She is loved and missed by many and will not be forgotten. True Love Never Dies.

    SUTTER CO. SHERIFF- If you have any information regarding this case please contact the Sutter County Sheriff at 530-822-7307.

    Eternal love and sympathy to Elizabeth’s mother, Patricia Picchi, daughter, Krystal Keller and dear friends. True Crime California will continue to post updates on this case until Elizabeth’s murderer is brought to face the full force of Justice.

    TRUE CRIME CALIFORNIA- If any other family photos of Elizabeth are available to post here in her honor, and/or to help solve this crime, please send to chandlerzone@gmail.com.

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  • Grass Valley: Gorton Accused of Teen Rape

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    Randolph Gorton GRASS VALLEY, Calif – Written by Chandler Vaughn

    SEXUAL ASSAULT– A 16-year-old female was lured into an apartment on Dorsey Drive to “babysit” for Randolph Scott Gorton, 35, at which time she was allegedly drugged and raped. The sexual assault was reported on Feb 12, 2015 to Grass Valley Police by the victim’s mother.

    ACCUSED RAPIST, Randolph Gorton, was apprehended by Grass Valley Police shortly thereafter.

    Since 2013, there have been SIX separate attempted abductions reported to law enforcement in Nevada County. The above mentioned incident is the SEVENTH, three of which occurred on Dorsey drive.

    • DORSEY DRIVE Incident #1– July 11, 2013, an 18-year-old female was attacked on Dorsey Drive, dragged toward a man’s car, but narrowly escaped his grasp. The man and his dark colored “Subaru” type wagon were described by the victim to police, but no sketch was released to the public. The suspect remained at large.
    • DORSEY DRIVE Incident #2– Sept 22, a 13-year-old female was offered a ride by a man in an older truck with yellow or faded spots and then groped as he tried to pull her in. This time, the suspect was questioned by Grass Valley Police, but was released after explaining that he “thought she was an adult”.
    • SOUTH COUNTY Incidents– In addition to Dorsey Drive, teenagers were also approached in South Nevada County near Bear River and Magnolia Schools. The descriptions given by four other victims did not exactly match the reports from Dorsey Drive. The South County suspect was described as an older man driving one of several vehicles:
    • Red, American model, older truck
    • Black, oxidized, Dodge Durango
    • Black, newer  SUV , Toyota 4-runner type.

    The cases were never confirmed to be related by law enforcement.

    Unfortunately, if these cases are not related, it is possible there is still another  predator at large in South Nevada CountyParents exercise extreme caution. Teens especially.

    See TCC article titled  “Grass Valley Abduction Attempts”  for full descriptions of the suspect(s) and vehicle in the South County incidents, and original post titled  “Grass Valley Alert”  for description and vehicle of Dorsey drive suspect(s).

    All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    Written by Chandler Vaughn

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  • victim shirley pratt   

    VACAVILLE, Calif – Update Jan 2017: Marvin Markle Jr., convicted of murdering Shirley Ann Pratt in 2001 (shown above left) has recently been charged with 35 year-cold murder of Vacaville teen Deanna Lynn Johnson in 1982 (shown above middle). See both stories below.

    BIGGS, Calif.- Shirley Ann Pratt, a 41 year old, vibrant resident of Butte County was last seen leaving her home, birth certificate in hand, to collect a substantial amount of money she had won at an Oroville casino. Later that evening she was seen at a gas station in Gridley. Shirley was said to have been accompanied by a man with dark hair, a mustache and goatee.

    Shirley Pratt was never seen alive again.

    Unfortunately, a lucky $19,000 jackpot that should have been a blessing to Shirley, may have become the motive behind what happened to her that terrible night.

    SHIRLEY ANN PRATT BODY FOUND – On October 12, 2001, a fisherman on his way to the Oroville Wildlife Area in Biggs, was shocked to discover the lifeless body of a woman lying in the road near the park entrance at Vance Avenue. Sadly, the body was later identified as Shirley Ann Pratt, mother of three and beloved friend. Shirley had been shot between the eyes.

    BUTTE COUNTY HOMICIDE – Butte County investigators were called to the scene. It would take 12 years of relentless investigation before charges would be brought against Shirley’s killer. Evidently, the suspect had always been a person of interest in the case. However, due to advances in DNA testing, a recent match was made.

    MARKLE CHARGED WITH MURDER – Finally, on July 18, 2013, Marvin Ray Markle, Jr., a 47 year old Biggs resident and well known acquaintance of Shirley was arrested and charged with her murder.

    Markle pleaded “Not Guilty” to all charges.


    MARVIN MARKLE JR. –  Markle is also a person of interest in an unsolved homicide that occurred in Vacaville 35 years ago when he was just 17 years old. On November 15, 1982, 14 year old, Deanna Lynn Johnson (shown below) went missing from a high school party in her own neighborhood. Her parents contacted police that evening when Deanna Lynn failed to return home with her older brother. The next morning, two railroad employees made a horrifying discovery, it was Deanna Lynn Johnson. Her cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the head.



    DEANNA LYNN JOHNSON – Although many suspects were interviewed, no single person emerged as Deanna Lynn’s killer, rather, it appears that Marvin Markle, Jr, also known as “Ziggy”at the time, was one of several party goers that may have been involved. Police have since concentrated their investigation on three particular suspects, Markle being one of them. It has long been believed that many of the kids in attendance that night knew what happened to Deanna Lynn, but were unwilling to come forward. In 1982, DNA collection and testing had not yet become what it is today, and without any physical evidence, Deanna Lynn’s murder has gone unsolved.

    Investigators hope that Markle’s prosecution in Butte County will help spur on new information in the 1982 homicide of Deanna Lynn Johnson. With a $50,000 reward offered, it is anticipated that witnesses who may have been reluctant before, will finally come forward allowing True California Justice for Deanna Lynn Johnson, whose beautiful life was taken at such a tender age.

    VACAVILLE POLICE – If you have any information relating to the murder of Deanna Lynn Johnson in 1982, please contact Vacaville Police Lt. Matt Lyndon at 707-449-5236.

    BUTTE CO. SHERIFF – Any information relating to the murder of Shirley Ann Pratt can be directed to the Butte County Sheriff’s Office at 530-538-7434.

    TRUE CRIME CALIFORNIA – Deepest sympathy and comfort to the family members of both Shirley Ann Pratt and Deanna Lynn Johnson. May the full weight of Justice fall on the shoulders of those responsible.

    True Love Never Dies.

    All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    Contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com


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