• Where is Samuel Pharis?

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    Samuel Pharis  Written by Chandler Vaughn

    OLIVEHURST, Calif. – Samuel Pharis, 21, was reported missing on June 13, 2013. Three days later, his Ford Bronco was found in the Feather River bottom off Island Road in Olivehurst, California. The truck was locked but Sam’s cell phone and belongings were still inside.

    Yuba County Sheriff Search and Rescue combed the area with dogs and hundreds of volunteers. Aerial searches were conducted of both water and land but Samuel could not be located.

    SAMUEL PHARIS MISSING: Sadly, Samuel Pharis was never seen again. It has been said that Sam’s family and friends do not believe he would have committed suicide, however, they remain suspicious that he may have met with foul play.

    Sam was known to be a good kid who would not voluntarily lose contact with his family. He is missed and loved by many.

    YUBA COUNTY SHERIFF – Please contact the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office with any details pertaining to the disappearance of Samuel Pharis at 530-749-7779.

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  • victim garibay photo

    December 11, 2005, was a mild winter morning in the tiny town of Olivehurst, California.  It was still dark at 5 a.m. as a beautiful young lady named Chairo Garibay prepared herself  to attend an early mass, to celebrate Our Lady, The Virgin of Guadalupe. Her parents, Magdalena Ferreyra and Leonel Castillo, had left earlier and were planning to meet Chairo for church services later that morning. Chairo was going to finish doing her hair and make up and then drive herself to St Josephs Church in the neighboring town of Marysville, about 10 minutes away.

    When their daughter didn’t arrive at church, Chairo’s parents were concerned, but assumed there was a good explanation for her absence. Maybe she had car trouble? Maybe she wasn’t feeling well and decided to stay home after all? Unfortunately, when they arrived at their residence on Maplehurst Avenue, Chairo and her car were nowhere to be found.  It seemed alarming that her purse and identification were left at home. The Yuba County Sheriffs Department was notified and a missing persons report was filed.

    Later that day, Chairo’s car, a green, 1995 Toyota  Camry was found 4 miles away, partially submerged in the Bear River.  Investigators, friends and family were relieved that Chairo’s body wasn’t found inside the submerged vehicle, but were now mortally concerned for her safety. And so, it was at this point that the heartbreaking search for Chairo Garibay, really began.

    For several days Yuba County law enforcement officials and volunteers relentlessly searched the banks of the Bear River. An open field and construction site near Chairo’s home were searched as well. Hundreds of people were interviewed, including Chairo’s boyfriend, Mana Mehmood.

    It was five painful weeks later when 20 year old Chairo Garibay was found. January 16, 2006.  A local couple whose truck had become stuck in the mud, noticed Chairo’s remains. She had been wrapped in a plastic tarp and dumped in a Yuba County drainage canal, about 1/4 mile from her home on Maplehurst Ave. It was evident that she had been submerged under water, weighted down by blocks of concrete. Due to winter storms and rushing canal water, her body surfaced and was found on that fateful day.

    A sickening realization descended over the residents of Olivehurst.  Chairo had died from blunt force trauma to the head. The fact that she had not been sexually assaulted indicates she may have known her attacker. But, Dear God, who would do such a thing?

    It has now been almost 8 years since Chairo Garibay, a happy and promising young citizen was murdered. Her murder remains unsolved and her murderer, remains at large in California.

    If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Yuba County Sheriffs Dept at 530-749-7777.

    Our deepest sympathy to the friends and loved ones of this beloved citizen, Chairo Garibay. True Crime California will continue to post updates until Chairo’s killer is brought to face the full force of justice. True Love Never Dies.

    Writen by Chandler Vaughn chandlerzone@gmail.com



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