Written by Chandler Vaughn

    APPLE VALLEY, Calif. – It was Halloween Night, October 31, 2015. Christina Bastian, high school teacher, was having some issues in life…but she was making it.  Although Christina was diagnosed bi-polar, she had come off medication a few months earlier while under a doctor’s care.

    Despite recent ups and downs, Christina was known to keep daily contact with her family and had purchased a new Dodge Ram truck one week before.

    CHRISTINA BASTIAN MISSING – On the night in question, Christina attended a church function and then stayed the night at a friend’s house with her dog, Coco.

    Mysteriously, sometime in the night, Christina and Coco vanished.  Coco was found alive, but Christina was never seen again.


    • Caucasian Female
    • Missing From: Apple Valley, California
    • Date Missing: October 31, 2015
    • Age 34
    • 170 ibs
    • 5 feet 6 inches tall
    • Hair: Red
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Wears Eye Glasses

    MISSING / UNSOLVED – It is hoped by Christina’s family that she’s decided to start a new life, in a new town.  Maybe a new state…Arizona, for instance.  I certainly hope so.  However, the details of this case create a worrisome puzzle that deserves further attention.

    NOV. 1, 2015 – The following day, Christina’s truck, belongings, and dog, Coco, were found in several different locations. 

    •  Cali’s SR 18 named after cowboy Roy Rogers, Apple Valley, Ca.
    • CA State Route 18 – Coco was found near the intersection of State Route 18, “Happy Trails Highway”, one mile north of Bear Valley Road. Thankfully, a local Good Samaritan scooped up Coco and published a lost-and-found ad, which was seen by a family friend one week later. *This is close to where Christina is thought to have disappeared.
    • Ca State Route 247- Christina’s backpack and belongings, including items important to her, photos and medication, were found scattered about State Route 247 near Lucerne Valley. Oddly, the bumper of her truck was also found on State Route 247.
    • CA State Route 62 – Christina’s Dodge Ram truck was located on a desert road off of California’s hot and dangerous “Twentynine Palms Hwy”, State Route 62, near Morongo Valley.  The truck showed signs of damage.  Visible dents and scrapes were noted along the sides, as if it had been driven through bushes or bramble.

    TOWN OF APPLE VALLEY POLICE DEPT – If you have information on the whereabouts of Christina Bastian, please call:

    • Apple Valley Police Department at 760-240-7400.
    • Submit an Anonymous Tip at 1-800-78-CRIME or www.wetip.com

    SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SHERIFF: See: www.sbcounty.gov/sheriff

    CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE: See: www.oag.ca.gov/missing

    NAMUS- National Missing and Unidentified Person System. See: www.namus.gov

    FACEBOOK:  See: “Help Find Christina Bastian” on Facebook. Please like and Share.

    Prayers for Christina’s Safe Return…True Love Never Dies.

    Written by Chandler Vaughn.  Contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com


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4 Comments to Christina Bastian Missing California

  • Another young woman disappear with simailar cicumastances in the same vicinity. If any of this matchs up perhaps it will find both ladies.

    • Dear Anonymous, Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are several other missing persons cases, VERY SIMILAR, in the same region. To be honest, I feel like there’s a serial killer (or two) in this area…but I don’t like to sound sensational, and I would never want to scare the families of the missing women. I pray for a break in these cases. It’s terrifying.

  • Now you might understand why a traveler would want to carry a firearm for protection! If it were me, I would be as ready as possible to have a vehicle come out of ” nowhere” to possibly ram my vehicle and take me by force; not if I have anything to say about it!
    Women are sitting ducks for predators; so many ladies that I know want to “think the best of everyone they meet!
    Don’t trust anyone ladies if you find yourself traveling by yourself, with girlfriends, your children or pets! Be prudent!

    • Dee, You said it very well. I wish more people were as aware as you. Most women I talk to think I’m quite paranoid when I give warnings like that…and as you said, want to “think the best of everyone they meet”…WRONG. I Agree with you fully…DONT TRUST ANYONE LADIES, BE AWARE, CARRY A WEAPON, AND NEVER TRAVEL ALONE…EVEN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!!! Thanks so much for that very smart advice!

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