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    purple haze cali    pot hand cuffs   Written by Chandler Vaughn

    EMERALD TRIANGLE, Calif.– A word of caution to young people thinking of coming to The Golden State, to grow or trim…or follow a Mary Jane dream. Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties, aka., “The Emerald Triangle” is an extremely dangerous and expensive place to survive unprepared.

    Trust me, this is no place to just “wing it”.

    MARIJUANA LEGALIZED IN CA- An incredible amount of crime hovers around illegal marijuana grow-sites and honey oil labs.  I predict this will become much worse now that marijuana is legalized. Marijuana will now be a product, not a medicine. It is likely that every grower will need to be REGISTERED with the state and EVERY PLANT tagged electronically for commercial grows, as it is in Colorado. In some red counties, regulations are set to be far more strict, which lends itself to illegal grows and all the crime that comes with it.

    TRIMMIGRANTS BEWARE– The word “trimmigrant” refers to a person (of any race) from out-of-state, who comes to California for a marijuana trimming job, having no where to go, no way to survive after the harvest/trim season has concluded.

    It’s never as lucrative as it sounds in September.

    By mid-January, many trimmigrants end up homeless, hitchhiking, on heavier drugs (like meth) and broke. A morbid position to be in, even in broad daylight. The danger of this predicament is evidenced by missing persons reports, unsolved murders and unidentified bodies from this region that are filling the cold case files of  California.

    MURDER MOUNTAIN-Be aware that infamous 420 areas, such as “Murder Mountain”, derive their names from numerous actual homicides, both solved and unsolved that have taken place in the green belt counties of California since Prop 215 made marijuana legal for medicinal use.

    MARIJUANA CRIME 420-“Green-belt” counties of California aren’t just confined to the Emerald Triangle, however.  California green-belt areas exist on both sides of the state, in piney mountains, redwood forests and oak studded foothills, from top to bottom. Even within the mighty Sierra Nevadas alone, optimal conditions to grow marijuana stretch from Oregon to Mexico.

    The false idea newcomers have when arriving in California to grow or trim pot is much like the California Gold Rush was. Or like an old time Hollywood dream was to a budding starlet. Green fever is the new Gold Fever. Humboldt is the new Tinsel Town. Gold miners went broke and hungry. Starlets committed suicide. It’s big dreams and dirty feet. Not always glamorous.

    CALIFORNIA MARIJUANA CULTURE– California’s free love, groovy, organic vibe is now weaved together with it’s modern but deadly marijuana culture. While marijuana itself may be legalized now, greed for profit rules. The gun toting, pit bull owning paranoia, during and after harvest, along with meth and pharmaceuticals create a highly dangerous under-current, even in the quaintest of towns.

    If you do come to California, Welcome…Please follow the law and stay safe.


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