• April 20, 2016 /  California Missing Persons, True Crime


    kristen modafferi  kristin modafferi 2  kristen modafferi 3 Written by Chandler Vaughn

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif- Kristen Modafferi’s disappearance remains a mystery after 19 years.

    KRISTEN MODAFFERI UPDATE: Kristen Modafferi has been missing since 1997. Sadly, Kristen arrived in California to attend college only three short weeks prior to her disappearance. She left Charlotte, North Carolina on her 18th birthday, June 1, 1997 and was last seen on June 23, 1997.

    HUMAN REMAINS DETECTED POSSIBLY KRISTEN- Many leads involving suspicious circumstances have been followed over the past two decades. In 2015, human remains were detected by cadaver dog in the basement of the Oakland home where Kristen rented a room in 1997.

    The remains have not yet been identified.


    • Age 18 at time of disappearance
    • Brown Hair / Eyes
    • Weight: 140
    • Height: 5’6″
    • Birth date: Born June 1, 1979

    FBI INVESTIGATION- The following information is taken directly from the FBI website for missing persons…

    “Kristen Modafferi was last seen on the afternoon of June 23, 1997, at the coffee shop where she was working in the Crocker Galleria Mall in San Francisco, California. The then eighteen-year-old had completed her freshman year of college in North Carolina and had recently moved to the San Francisco area to attend summer school at the University of California at Berkeley. She was living in Oakland. She has not been seen or heard from since”.

    If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

    Field Office: San Francisco

    THE KRISTEN FOUNDATION- Foul play may be present in this ongoing caseFor additional detailed information visit: The Kristen Foundation at: http://www.kristenfoundation.org


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  • April 18, 2016 /  Body Found, True Crime

    Steph Dixon DHS  Written by Chandler Vaughn

    DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif- A sad discovery was made the morning of August 30, 2015. Young mom and beloved friend, Stephanie Corrine Dixon was found deceased in Riverside County. Stephanie was a resident of nearby Morongo Valley who had recently made wonderful progress in her life and was getting back on track.

    STEPHANIE DIXON- Stephanie’s body was recovered from the Mission Creek Wash in Desert Hot Springs. Her death is considered suspicious by Desert Hot Springs Police and remains unsolved.

    RIVERSIDE COUNTY CORONER- Cause of death in this case has never been released.

    Stephanie Dixon is loved and missed by many who feel certain that foul play was involved.

    DESERT HOT SPRINGS POLICE– If you have any information regarding the suspicious death of Stephanie Corrine Dixon please contact the Desert Hot Springs Police Dept at 760-329-2904 or Crime Stoppers at 760-341-STOP.

    True Crime California wishes to offer its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Stephanie Dixon. TCC will continue to post updates until the circumstances of her death are brought to light. True Love Never Dies.


    Comments/Contact: If any pictures of Stephanie Dixon are available to post here in her honor, please email to chandlerzone@gmail.com.

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  • California_state_flag  Written by Chandler Vaughn

    CALIFORNIA: HOW TO REPORT A MISSING PERSON – You may initiate a Missing Persons Report of any adult or juvenile by contacting your local law enforcement agency. Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement agencies in California do not require a person to wait a specific period of time before reporting a missing person.

    If you have to report a missing person, be thorough. When a person is reported missing in California, it is best for the family to make contact at all four levels of law enforcement. This is imperative to ensure the name of the missing person be logged into city, county, state and nationwide search systems, if possible.

    List of Missing Persons Resources:

    • Nat’l Missing and Unidentified Persons System: WWW.NAMUS.GOV
    • California Attorney General’s Office: WWW.OAG.CA.GOV
    • Nat’l Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 1-800-THE-LOST
    • Missing Children’s Clearinghouse: 1-800-222-FIND
    • FACEBOOK: Another way to highlight your missing loved one’s case is to visit “Missing Persons of America” and “Locate the Missing” on Facebook. Here you can post free ads for missing persons…and re-post frequently, to keep your search alive.

    CALIFORNIA LAW ENFORCEMENT– Our law enforcement agencies do an excellent job of finding and solving missing persons and murder cases. However, many new cases arise each day. Diligent action from families and communities help NamUs and smaller agencies in California stay up-to-date.

    UNMATCHED DNA– Even in this day and age, human remains go unidentified for years.

    ISAIAH MARSH– For example, take the well publicized case of Isaiah Marsh…May he rest in Peace.

    • First, Isaiah was reported missing in Nevada County, California.
    • Next, Isaiah’s truck was found in Riverside County, nine hours away…abandoned.
    • Finally, Isaiah’s remains were located, but continued to be unidentified in Riverside County for four years.
    • Four years later– Isaiah’s unidentified remains were matched to his Missing Person Report/DNA originally filed in Nevada County.

    Tips from True Crime California:

    • California Counties– It is wise to start with the county where the missing person was last seen / known to be. There are hundreds of micro-towns in California, so tiny they cannot be recognized on a map. If you are just starting your search, begin with county first.
    • State of California– Immediately following a missing persons report, a sample of the missing person’s DNA should be made available to the The State of California. Unidentified remains (from anywhere in the State or USA) can then be matched when located, rather than years later.

    MISSING ADULTS- If your child is a missing adult and you feel concerned, do not hesitate to file a report with the city or county in which your child was last seen. If your child is in distress, it’s the one way to help find them.

    Keep Searching…True Love Never Dies.

    Comments or Contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com

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  • April 8, 2016 /  California Safety, Predator Alert!

    chico bike path 3  Written by Chandler Vaughn

    CHICO, Calif-  The town of Chico is historic, sophisticated and intensely groovy.

    CHICO STATE UNIVERSITY- Although Chico State is known for crazy frat parties, it’s true rock-stardom arises from actual education. Chico State is simply a great school. Many students come knowing Chico’s best attributes, but do not realize it’s dangers until they arrive on campus.

    CHICO STATE BIKE PATH- The trail that leads from Shurmer Gym to Nord Avenue has become truly dangerous.  It’s called the “Rape Trail”.  Enough said.

    Ladies of Chico…Please stop using this path until security cameras are installed.

    Consider this: 

    • Avoiding this trail at night is not enough. Rapes occur in morning and at night.
    • Traveling in pairs is not enough.
    • The Chico State Bike Path is not  the only unsafe trail.
    • Avoid all remote/secluded areas and paths.

    CHICO POLICE BIKE PATH SAFETY PROJECT- The North Valley Community Foundation is taking donations to fund the installation of security cameras along the Chico State Bike Path from the edge of campus to the railroad tracks. Please click the link below to donate online.

    Visit https://www.nvcf.org…Every dollar counts.


    True Love Never Dies. chandlerzone@gmail.com.


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  • April 6, 2016 /  California Unsolved Murders

    rich meinert lassen Written by Chandler Vaughn

    JANESVILLE, Calif- On June 23, 2014 someone took the life of Dr. Richard Meinert, beloved father, veterinarian and outstanding citizen of Janesville, a small Nor-Cal town in Lassen County.

    DR. RICHARD MEINERT- Rich Meinert was found shot in the chest at Thompson Peak Veterinary Clinic. It is suspected that Dr. Rich interrupted a burglary, struggled with the assailants and was killed during the fight. The amount of money or drugs/animal sedatives the killers got away with is unknown.

    CAL DEPT OF JUSTICE– The California Department of Justice was called in to handle forensics at the scene of the murder.

    The hat shown below was collected from the crime scene and may have been warn by one of the assailants.

    Dr. Rich killer's hat  killers hat 3  killers hat 2

    Almost two years later, Dr. Rich’s murder remains unsolved.

    LASSEN COUNTY SHERIFF– If you have any information regarding the murder of Dr. Richard Meinert please contact the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office at 530-257-6121.

    Reward Offered: Call Secret Witness at 775-322-4900.

    Dr. Rich’s accomplishments and contributions are many. I’ve included a copy/paste of his loving obituary below…What an excellent individual he was.

    1959 – 2014 Obituary Condolences
    Richard Joseph Meinert III

    Our beloved brother, father, uncle, nephew, and friend, Richard Joseph Meinert III passed away in Janesville, California on Monday, June 23, 2014.

    Rich was born in Washington, D.C. on January 14, 1959. He spent his childhood years in Illinois, Tennessee, and Southern California, and moved to Janesville with his parents and five siblings in 1975. He graduated from Lassen High School in 1977. He spent his early working years on construction projects and livestock at his family’s Janesville property. He became very good with a chainsaw and could build anything. On the Lassen College Fire Crew and with the Forest Service, he often teamed up with his brother Austin to cut fire line and work as a timber faller – collecting memories and life-long friendships along the way. There was nothing Rich enjoyed more than filling his pickup with the firewood he cut with his family and friends except, perhaps, cutting the perfect Christmas tree with his kids Morgan, Austin, and Zachary. Rich was completely at home in the woods. During his CB radio days, his handle was “Woodrat.”

    Rich’s interest in animals began on the family ranch where he learned to raise pigs, rabbits, cows, and horses. He earned his B.A. in Animal Science at the University of Nevada, Reno in 1984, working with Dr. Don Hanks, Dr. Darrell Foote, and his father on bovine reproduction using his dad’s cattle. He completed his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University in 1990, and began his veterinary career with Lassen Veterinary Hospital under the direction of Dr. Tom Pyle. He started Thompson Peak Veterinary Services soon thereafter, and with the help of his dedicated and knowledgeable assistants over the years each horse and kitten was treated with the same compassion and skill. Rich’s expertise took him to the far corners of Lassen County and beyond. At one time he was licensed in 5 western states, Kansas, and New Hampshire. Rich participated in research at Plum Island, New York where he studied the diseases of livestock related to bioterrorism and was a state veterinarian for the California Department of Agriculture researching bovine tuberculosis. For many years Rich was the contracted veterinarian with the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program in Litchfield. He also served as the fair veterinarian at the Lassen County Fair, providing necessary vet services and working with kids from the Lassen Dairy Group, 4-H and FFA on proper husbandry. He never once asked for compensation.

    Rich was one of the most unselfish people you would ever meet, contributing his time and money to individuals and groups, and projects like the park in Janesville. He yearly provided the low-cost Doyle Vaccine Clinic, and was key to the Pups on Parole Program. Monday mornings were spent with students at Janesville School where X-ray day with “Dr. Rich” was a favorite. Kids were allowed to take home a real x-ray of animals that had broken a bone, or swallowed a fishhook. He also helped train Lassen High School Vet Science Team for competitions.

    Rich was an avid skier and recently took up snowmobiling, but his kids were the focus of his life. Whether camping, boating, fishing, working with them at school, thrilling them on the Polar Express, or devouring seafood at Red Lobster, those three kids gave him life.

    We have all suffered an incomprehensible loss. The compassion that Rich had for his work set him apart. His family and his many friends will miss his big smile, his ready laughter, his generous hugs, and his loving, thoughtful ways. We are better people for having known him and shared in his life.

    Rich is survived by his children, Morgan, Zachary, and Austin of Janesville; former wife Elda Cooper of Janesville; sisters Susan Moore, Elizabeth Fielder, Megan Deal all of Reno; brothers Austin Meinert of Janesville and Michael Meinert of Reno; aunt and uncle Robert Case and Mary Meinert-Case of Sacramento; aunt and uncle Richard and Mary Jane DeCorps of Falls Church, Virginia; aunt Susan Harst of Massilon, Ohio; six nieces and nephews, and many cousins. Rich was preceded in death by his parents Richard Joseph Meinert Jr. and Marilyn Jean Meinert.

    LASSEN COUNTY 4-H– Donations can be made to the “Dr. Rich Meinert Compassion in Action Memorial Award” to honor 4-H achievement. Contact the Lassen County 4-H Office at: 530-251-8285.

    TRUE CRIME CALIFORNIA- Deepest sympathy and prayers for the family and friends of Dr. Rich. His life and spirit will not be forgotten. True Love Never Dies.

    Contact or Comment: chandlerzone@gmail.com

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  • Elizabeth Picchi Wish You Were Here

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    055 victim picchi photo  ELIZABETH YOU ARE LOVED

    WISH YOU WERE HERE – It has been 17 years today that 31 year-old mother, Elizabeth Picchi was found murdered on April 2, 1999.

    Elizabeth’s murder has never been solved.

    A friend of Elizabeth’s left a comment on this website once…she said the song “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd reminds her of Elizabeth. So, today,… please play that song for Elizabeth. She is loved and missed by many and will not be forgotten. True Love Never Dies.

    SUTTER CO. SHERIFF- If you have any information regarding this case please contact the Sutter County Sheriff at 530-822-7307.

    Eternal love and sympathy to Elizabeth’s mother, Patricia Picchi, daughter, Krystal Keller and dear friends. True Crime California will continue to post updates on this case until Elizabeth’s murderer is brought to face the full force of Justice.

    TRUE CRIME CALIFORNIA- If any other family photos of Elizabeth are available to post here in her honor, and/or to help solve this crime, please send to chandlerzone@gmail.com.

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  • Unsolved: Danielle Bertolini / Sheila Franks

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    danielle bertolini Danielle Bertolini  sheila franks 3 Sheila Franks

    FORTUNA, Calif – In May 2015, a human skull found along the Eel River near Fortuna was determined to be 23 year-old Danielle Bertolini, citizen of Maine. Danielle had been missing since Feb. 10, 2014. Danielle’s death is being investigated as a homicide.

    Danielle Bertolini’s case may be related to the disappearance of another young woman, 38 year-old Sheila Franks, who was last seen Jan. 11, 2014, just weeks before Danielle vanished.

    Fortuna Police, as well as Humboldt Co. Sheriff’s Dept. believe both women were last seen with the same person of interest, a 44 year-old Fortuna man, who remains nameless as the investigation continues.

    Sheila Franks has never been found.

    HUMBOLDT CO. SHERIFF- If you have any information relating to either case, Danielle Bertolini or Sheila Franks, please call Humboldt Co. Sheriff at 707-445-7251 or the Anonymous Tip Line at 707-268-2539.

    True Crime California offers deep sympathy to the family of Danielle Bertolini and continued hope and strength to the family of Sheila Franks.

    To Danielle Bertolini’s Mother…Excellent Job. I can’t think of a more difficult task to be completed in one’s lifetime: to find your child’s remains, yourself.  Truly, this is an example of a Mother’s full measure of devotion to her child. True Excellence. TRUE LOVE. I wish your tenacity to all Moms who’s children are missing. True Love Never Dies.

    Written by Chandler Vaughn. Comments and contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com

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  • Yuba County: Searching for Sam Pharis

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    December 13, 2015 /  California Missing Persons

    Samuel Pharis samuel pharis fishing Written by Chandler Vaughn

    OLIVEHURST, Calif. – Young citizen of Yuba County, Samuel Pharis, has been missing since June 13, 2013. At the time of his disappearance he was 21 years old.

    Today, 2.5 years after he vanished, Sam would be 23. Have you seen Sam?

    MISSING NOT DECEASED: Sam’s case is truly heartbreaking. It appears as though his family members are at odds about his on-going disappearance, some believing that Sam is most likely deceased, while others, like his Mom, vigilantly holding onto the hope that he may be alive. As a parent myself, I’m going to keep posting and praying he is alive today and coming home to those who love him.


    • Height: 5’11”
    • Weight: 150lbs
    • Blonde hair-Blue eyes
    • Last seen at Feather River Bottoms
    • $10k Reward Offered

    YUBA COUNTY SHERIFF: If you have information on the whereabouts of Samuel Pharis, or knowledge of persons responsible for his disappearance, please contact the Yuba County Sheriff at 530-749-7777. Anonymous and totally private tips can be left at 530-749-7930.

    True Crime California wishes to offer Love and Prayers for Samuel’s Family…True Love Never dies.

    If you have a photo of Sam available to post here, or his truck, please send to: Chandler Vaughn at chandlerzone@gmail.com. Thank You.

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  • Chairo Garibay: 10-year Murder Unsolved

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    December 11, 2015 /  California Unsolved Murders, Yuba County

    Chairo 2 Written by Chandler Vaughn

    OLIVEHURST, Calif.- Residents of Olivehurst, a tiny enclave of Yuba County, are still grieving the loss of a beautiful young woman named Chairo Garibay, who was viciously murdered ten years ago today, December 11, 2005.

    This was no ordinary morning for Chairo. It was the Mass of Our Lady, The Virgin of Guadalupe. It was a sacred. A celebration she attended every year with her family, as a matter of devotion. This day, Chairo was doing what most young ladies her age don’t do anymore, she was preparing for church, at 5 a.m.

    What a remarkable young citizen she was.

    After that morning, Chairo Garibay was never seen alive again. She had been attacked and murdered. It sickens the soul to repeat the shameful way her life was taken…so I won’t. (Please see TCC’s previous post for details).

    CHAIRO GARIBAY’S MURDER IS STILL UNSOLVED. Her killer continues to have freedom in this world. Somebody knows something.

    Please help solve this crime. If you have any details relating to this case, no matter how insignificant, please contact Yuba County Sheriff at 530-749-7777.

    My prayers for strength and continued comfort go out to Chairo’s mother, Magdalena, and her beautiful young siblings. There are no words strong enough to convey my concern. True Crime California will continue posting updates until Chairo’s murder is solved and her killer is brought to face justice…in this life…and for eternity. True Love Never Dies.

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  • Jesse Peyton Rose Guilty Verdict

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    March 14, 2015 /  Body California Mine Shaft


    MARCH 13, 2015

    Red Mountain man convicted of rape and murder

    Jesse Peyton Rose (Booking Photo)

      – A 20-year-old Red Mountain man was convicted Thursday for the 2014 rape and murder of a 71-year-old victim whose body was found 100 feet down a mineshaft.

    After deliberating for two days, a jury found Jesse Rose guilty of Murder, Elder Abuse Resulting in Death, and Forcible Rape.

    Sandra McKinney, 71, was stabbed 26 times—23 of which were about the face, head and neck.

    According to Deputy District Attorney Sean Daugherty, who prosecuted the case, deputies were called to check on an abandoned vehicle in the desert. Upon arrival, they found the victim’s vehicle and noticed blood on the bumper and on the bed of the truck.

    After further investigation, deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Barstow/Trona substation detected a strong scent of bleach inside the vehicle and eventually returned to the victim’s home where they found the back door open. Nobody was home, but there was blood visible inside the house and the smell of bleach. Homicide investigators are called in and eventually find the victim’s body, along with other evidence linking Rose to the murder, in a mineshaft located nearby the residence.

    Rose is scheduled to be sentenced May 8 in Dept. V4, Victorville Superior Court. He faces a maximum of life in state prison without the possibility of parole.

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