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    SANDY GILES UPDATE – November 2017 – Human remains found in the Sonoran desert near the town of Earp, California may be that of Sandy Giles.  For updated story enter “Sandy Giles” in search box.  Or, read original story of Sandy’s disappearance below.

    EARP, Calif. – Sandy Giles Missing from San Bernardino County, California.

    SANDY GILES MISSING –  It was Mother’s Day weekend. Sandy, a 44 year-old beloved mother and resident of Maplesville, Alabama was headed home from a road trip she’d taken with a family friend.

    Sadly, on May 13, 2017, Sandy Giles vanished while traveling on California’s hot and dangerous, “Twentynine Palms Highway” and was never seen again.

    CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP – Sandy reportedly had some issues while on the road. In Marysville, (Northern California) she had unexpectedly left her motel room in the middle of the night with the intention of driving back to Alabama alone. It appears that she was running out of money and gas near the end of her trip as she headed toward the Mojave Desert.

    Sandy called her son at 5 P.M. on May 13th from the Hi Sahara Oasis Gas Station in Essex/Fenner while adding as much fuel as she could afford.  Sandy’s family expected her home to Alabama no later than the following Monday.

    Allegedly, Sandy was going to attempt to make it to the closest Walmart to receive money by wire transfer.  The closest Walmart stores to Hi Sahara Oasis are:

    • Bullhead City, Nevada- 1 hour 13 minutes
    • Parker, Arizona- 2 hours

    I-40 EAST / OLD STATE ROUTE 66 – Hi Sahara Oasis is the only gas station for 100 miles on this infamous stretch of highway, also known as “Old National Trails Highway” and “Old Route 66”.

    TWENTYNINE PALMS HWY – The last leg of this trip would put Sandy on State Route 62, aka. “Twentynine Palms Highway”, with the sun setting around 7:40 P.M. that evening.

    I-10 EAST – It seems likely that Sandy was planning to take the “southern route”, Interstate 10 EAST, back to Alabama, which might be why she went south to Parker despite the longer distance.

    MISSING PERSON – Sandy Giles’ call from Hi Sahara Oasis was the last call she made.  On May 16th, Sandy’s 2013 Dodge Avenger was found partially high-center on a sand wash, just outside of Earp, California.

    COLORADO RIVER – The micro-town of Earp, (named after lawman Wyatt Earp), lies just across the Colorado River from Parker, a short 2 or 3 miles from Walmart.

    SANDY GILES MISSING PERSON – All Sandy’s belongings were locked in the vehicle, including her purse, clothing, cell phone and asthma inhaler.  The only thing missing was Sandy herself and the car keys. It is still unknown if Sandy’s car was out of gas (again) or if she ran off the road accidently into the wash and got stuck.

    MOJAVE DESERT – After searching the roadside area thoroughly, her family personally recovered Sandy’s flip flop sandals about 20 yards down “Twentynine Palms Highway” near a patch of sage brush. There were a few bare footprints in the desert sand, but nothing else.

    MISSING PERSON SEARCH – In late May, a search party of volunteers gathered at the Earp Post Office to search the area again, but found no trace of Sandy Giles.


    • Caucasian Female
    • Missing From Earp, California
    • Date Missing: May 13, 2017
    • Age: 44
    • Height: 5’7″
    • Weight: 180
    • Hair Color: Bleached blonde
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Tattoos: 1) Dog tag with chain on ankle says “Sandy”.  2) Yellow infinity symbol on left wrist.


    INFORMATION ON SANDY GILES CASE – If you have any information on the whereabouts of Sandy Giles please contact San Bernardino County Sheriff:

    • Detective Tim Preston at 760-326-9200
    • Deputy Rivas at 909-520-1369
    • Submit Anonymous Tip: www.wetip.com or 1-800-78-CRIME

    Or Contact Private Investigator Scott Herring at 909-883-3045

    NAMUS –  National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. See: www.namus.gov.

    ***The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s website also provides a NamUS portal to search for missing persons.  See: (www.sbcounty.gov/sheriff. *Click “general info” on home page).

    NAMUS – Can be used in two ways:

    1. …To Search for Missing Persons/Unidentified Remains in the USA.
    2. …By Family Members to Start a “NamUS”  File and Submit Information About the Missing Person.

    CALIFORNIA STATE DEPT OF JUSTICE – To report information on the whereabouts of, or search for a missing person, See: California State Dept. of Justice Website (www.oag.ca.gov/missing) or call 1-800-222-FIND.

    FACEBOOK PAGE – See: “Help Find Sandy Giles”.  Please Like and Share.

    TRUECRIMECALIFONIA.COM – Please submit photos of Sandy to email below.  Any additional information such as Sandy’s Middle Name/Birthdate would be helpful. Thank You.

    Prayers for Sandy’s Safe Return.  God Bless.  Keep Vigilant.  True Love Never  Dies.

    Written by Chandler Vaughn.  Contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com


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7 Comments to Sandy Giles Missing California

  • This one doesn’t make sense to me. The Essex gas station is about an hour or so to the AZ state line. If she was there, why would she go on Hwy 62? That would involve some back tracking to get to. 62 can be reached from I-10 but does not connect to I-40. Am I missing something?
    Otherwise, love this blog.

    • Hi Judithanne, Thanks for your question. It appears Sandy’s last call to her son was from Essex. When leaving Essex, the first significant leg of the trip is I-40 East. After that point, one can take Hwy 95 South to connect with SR 62, on it’s far Eastern end,(above Vidal, Ca.)…so, no back-tracking is necessary. However, there WAS indeed a shorter way Sandy could’ve traveled. On Facebook, to explain this, her Son wondered if she was trying to reach a Wal-mart to get a wire transfer, and her Daughter wondered if she was planning to eventually take the “southern route” to 1-10. This, of course, is pure conjecture on their parts,(valuable conjecture), so I include their ideas, but use words like “allegedly” and “possibly”, when referring to points of the story that are not confirmed. In my opinion, I agree with you, it doesn’t make sense. Thank You Judithanne! I love a person with many questions and an Eagle Eye!…Constant questioning is how mysteries get solved…I appreciate that. If you find that I’m totally incorrect, please let me know and I’ll adjust it immediately. Sincerely, Chandler Vaughn.

  • I believe there needs to be a reward out for information leading to the disappearance of Sandy Giles. I also believe Sandy threw the empty gas container in the trunk of her car after she ran out of gas the first time out on I-40 when she was being helped by the the California Highway patrolman. Does this patrolman remember her putting the empty container in the trunk of her car after he helped her empty it in her tank? The patrolman followed her to the Highway 95 turnoff as she headed south to Vital Junction and Highway 62. I believe 2 items are missing from the point she stopped in Earp, her car keys and this gas container that she threw in the trunk of her car.

    • Hi Chris, Thank you for your comment. I agree. A reward might help to get new info. I was wondering the same things. I was also questioning the position of her car when found…if she was running out of gas for a second time, why drive her vehicle way out into the desert sand farther from the road? Especially if it was already dark that evening?

  • I believe that her body was discovered not far from where her car was found…they haven’t positivly identified her but they believe it is her..

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