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      Written by Chandler Vaughn

    GOLDEN STATE KILLER– Like many true crime enthusiasts, questions and hints about GSK never leave my mind. I wake up in the night thinking of words like “Marlinspike”, wondering about GSK and his intricate knots.

    MARLINSPIKE – “Marlinspike” is the oldest name and origin for GSK’s infamous “Diamond Knot” or “Sailors Knife Lanyard Knot”, dating back to the early 1600’s. It’s also the name for a spikey nautical tool found on some utility knives, used to penetrate the middle of a knot, to untie it.

    USS MARLINSPIKE – The “USS Marlinspike” is a simulated Navy training vessel, used to teach Basic Seamanship to Naval recruits. In the Navy, the term “Marlinspike” also refers to task of “rope work”, the responsibility of the “Boatswain’s Mate” or “BM”.

    GSK used a variety of difficult knots. Was he a Boatswain’s Mate or a Boy Scout?

    THE ASHLEY BOOK OF KNOTS – First published in 1944. Seems to be one of the few books on the subject of “sailor’s knots” in circulation prior to the 1970’s.  Still in print today on Amazon. Was this a library book in the 1960’s-1970’s?

    Like the Zodiac with his code books…I wonder who checked it out?

    EAR/ ONS/ GSK – Some believe GSK was a Navy man.  Some believe he was a cowboy.  Some say a fisherman.  Could’ve been Coast Guard.  I haven’t formed an opinion on the subject.  But in regards to the military theory, I cant help but remember that GSK was heard whimpering and crying about his mommy.  He was still offended by things he experienced in the 6th grade. Would a sensitive, whimpering soul, no matter how determined, be able to endure Seamanship Training?  The Navy’s Boot Camp?  It seems unlikely, but worth exploring.

    It’s also possible that GSK’s father or older brother, could’ve been the Navy man. In one of GSK’s attacks as EAR, (shown below) there were reports of 2 assailants.

    In the news clipping above, witnesses describe a brown leather jacket, gathered at the waist.  This certainly sounds like it could be a “Bomber Jacket”. Maybe he was a pilot?

    AIR FORCE – Below is a sketch of GSK wearing a black open-faced mask.  Everything was covered; head, hair, neck, but not the actual facial features. In the world of military gear, one instance a person needs the face uncovered is when flying an aircraft. A pilot needs an open-faced mask, to attach an oxygen mask over the mouth/nose while flying at high altitudes.

    U.S. NAVY – Don’t forget The U.S. Navy has pilots, planes and aircraft carriers, as well.

    Any comments/ideas on the above subject, please email Chandler Vaughn at chandlerzone@gmail.com.

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