• December 8, 2017 /  Body Found California, Suspicious Death

       Written by Chandler Vaughn

    EARP, Calif. – Human remains discovered by tortoise researchers are believed to be that of Alabama resident, Sandy Giles, last seen in the Mojave desert on Mother’s Day weekend, 2017.

    True Crime California wishes to offer it’s deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Sandy Giles.  If this is Sandy, May She Rest in Eternal Peace. True Love Never Dies.

    *This page will be updated and detailed when official identification and cause of death are confirmed.


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         Written by Chandler Vaughn

    APPLE VALLEY, Calif. – It was Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015. Krystie Stuart, 29 year-old Lucerne Valley resident, vanished and was never seen again.

    Earlier that day, Krystie had driven to Jess Ranch Dental for a walk in appointment, but the dentist couldn’t see her.  At that time, according to the office staff, Krystie misplaced her car keys, but eventually found a spare and walked out the door.

    Evidently, Krystie had plans to stay at a friends house that evening, but never arrived. According to a post on the family’s Facebook Page, “Help Find Krystie Stuart”, a bloodhound traced her scent across the street to the parking lot behind Bed Bath and Beyond. There, her scent was lost.

    On March 8th, Krystie’s Dodge Dakota was located in the open desert 20 minutes north-east of Jess Ranch Dental near Fairview Valley, as the crow flies, almost directly in between State Route 18, “Happy Trails Highway”, and State Route 247.

    The contents of Krystie’s car, (although not necessarily enough to indicate foul play to investigators), were disturbing and left many unanswered questions. Her eye glasses were there.  Her cell phone.  Her shoes, socks and bra.  The medication she had just picked up.  Everything was there, but not Krystie. The bloodhounds went to work again, but her scent could not be found.

    NOTE***If Krystie’s scent could not be found, and she  didn’t leave her truck in the desert, then who did? And wouldn’t that (possibly) indicate foul play?

    MISSING GIRLS OF THE DESERT – I’m actually starting to get angry about this “no evidence to indicate foul play” conclusion, after so many women’s vehicles have been recovered. In San Bernardino County, this conclusion is reached by default, quickly and frequently.

    I appreciate and respect law enforcement officers. These are hard cases. No evidence to be found, I get it.


    As I write about CASE AFTER CASE of missing women who vanish into the open desert of California, but “no foul play is suspected”, many questions arise:

    • Why would they leave their cell phones?
    • Why in the world would they ditch their cars?
    • Why leave their wallets?
    • In some cases, their beloved pets?

    In my humble opinion….THEY WOULDNT!

    I assume these are the heart-sick questions their Mother’s ask every night. I often cry while writing these articles, when I think of their Moms.

    It has been over 2 years since Krystie Stuart disappeared. Krystie is loved and missed desperately. Her family’s Facebook page, “Help Find Krystie Stuart” is always updated. Please like and share.

    KRYSTIE LEEANN STUART – Have you seen Krystie?

    • Age: 29 (at time of disappearance) Age 32 on Birthday April 13, 2017
    • Caucasian Female
    • Missing from Apple Valley, CA.
    • Missing Date: March 3, 2015
    • Brown Eyes
    • Brown Hair-very long waist length
    • Weight: 107
    • Height: 5’7″
    • Wears Eye Glasses
    • Case # 071500858
    • NamUS MP# 28149

    SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY – If you have any information on the whereabouts of Krystie Stuart, please call:

    • Detective Doemner: 760-956-5001 or 760-552-6800
    • Anonymous Tipline: 858-212-7503 or www.wetip.com
    • www.oag.ca.gov/missing – California Department of Justice Website
    • 1-800-THE-LOST (843-5678)
    • www.namus.gov – Nat’l Missing and Unidentified Persons System

    Prayers for Krystie’s Safe Return.  Keep Vigilant.  True Love Never  Dies.

    Contact: chandlerzone@gmail.com. On Facebook: Chandler Vaughn/True Crime California. On Twitter: @truecrimecali


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    kristine hamilton 1   Written by Chandler Vaughn

    MORENO VALLEY, Calif. – On a summer day in July 2005, Kristine Nicole Hamilton, 18, of Moreno Valley, vanished without a trace. She had moved from Illinois to California one year earlier with her family.

    MISSING GIRLS OF THE DESERT– Details about the day Kristine disappeared are limited. Kristine was last seen July 7, 2005 at her family’s residence in Moreno Valley. Kristine did not have a cell phone or car. Her home on Pala Foxia Place appeared undisturbed and Kristine’s belongings were still inside.

    KRISTINE NICOLE HAMILTON– It is believed that Kristine may have left in a white car with a Caucasian male. No other facts in this case have been released to the public. Kristine’s family says it’s not like her to disappear voluntarily.

    ENDANGERED MISSING– Kristine has been missing for almost 11 years. She would be 29 this year. Have you seen Kristine Hamilton?


      Age Progression Photo of Kristine Hamilton

    • Caucasian Female
    • Date of Birth: April 6, 1987
    • Height: 5’6″
    • Weight: 120 lbs.
    • Hair: Blonde, may be dyed brown.
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Tattoos: teal-colored star (upper back), black star (left shoulder), “K.N.H”- her initials.
    • Pierced nose

    RIVERSIDE COUNTY SHERIFF– If you have information regarding the whereabouts of Kristine Nicole Hamilton please contact the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office at 951-955-2445.


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    christina battin 3    Written by Chandler Vaughn

    THOUSAND PALMS, Calif.- Since the year 2000, several females from the desert communities of California have gone missing.

    CHRISTINA BATTIN– On June 8, 2003, Christina Ann Battin, 14, vanished from the Coachella Valley and was never heard from again. Christina was last seen in the town of Hemet, one hour east of Thousand Palms, where she resided. Details involving Christina’s disappearance are few.

    MISSING PERSON– It has been 13 long years since Christina Battin was last seen. On September 27, 2016, she’d be 28. Christina is loved and missed by many. Have you seen Christina Battin?


     Age Progression Photo of Christina Battin

    • Caucasian Female:
    • D.O.B: Sept. 27, 1988
    • Height: 5’6″
    • Weight: 100 lbs.
    • Hair: Blonde or strawberry
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Case # O-03176024

    RIVERSIDE COUNTY SHERIFF– If you have any information on the whereabouts of Christina Ann Battin, please contact the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Investigator, Isaac White at 760-836-1676 or the Riverside County Sheriff Palm Desert Station at 760-836-1600.


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  • April 20, 2016 /  California Missing Persons, True Crime


    kristen modafferi  kristin modafferi 2  kristen modafferi 3 Written by Chandler Vaughn

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif- Kristen Modafferi’s disappearance remains a mystery after 19 years.

    KRISTEN MODAFFERI UPDATE: Kristen Modafferi has been missing since 1997. Sadly, Kristen arrived in California to attend college only three short weeks prior to her disappearance. She left Charlotte, North Carolina on her 18th birthday, June 1, 1997 and was last seen on June 23, 1997.

    HUMAN REMAINS DETECTED POSSIBLY KRISTEN- Many leads involving suspicious circumstances have been followed over the past two decades. In 2015, human remains were detected by cadaver dog in the basement of the Oakland home where Kristen rented a room in 1997.

    The remains have not yet been identified.


    • Age 18 at time of disappearance
    • Brown Hair / Eyes
    • Weight: 140
    • Height: 5’6″
    • Birth date: Born June 1, 1979

    FBI INVESTIGATION- The following information is taken directly from the FBI website for missing persons…

    “Kristen Modafferi was last seen on the afternoon of June 23, 1997, at the coffee shop where she was working in the Crocker Galleria Mall in San Francisco, California. The then eighteen-year-old had completed her freshman year of college in North Carolina and had recently moved to the San Francisco area to attend summer school at the University of California at Berkeley. She was living in Oakland. She has not been seen or heard from since”.

    If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

    Field Office: San Francisco

    THE KRISTEN FOUNDATION- Foul play may be present in this ongoing caseFor additional detailed information visit: The Kristen Foundation at: http://www.kristenfoundation.org


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  • California Vanishing: Christine Walters

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    June 12, 2014 /  California Missing Persons

    christine walters3 EUREKA, Calif.

    CHRISTINE WALTERS MISSING: Words like bizarre and disturbing don’t begin to describe the vanishing of Christine Lindsey Walters, a sparkling 23 year-old student from the University of Wisconsin, who came to the West Coast, innocently, and bless her heart, was never seen again. The following story is related with the utmost sympathy for Christine’s surviving family, for whom this nightmare is still ongoing.

    2008: Two or three days after after attending a “Tea Ceremony” with 20 other people and a shaman, Christine appeared at a stranger’s door, pleading for help, in California’s beautiful and dangerous, Humboldt County.

    Christine Walters feet were cut and bleeding, her naked body was covered with scratches and abrasions from head to toe. She mumbled horrifying words about being chased in the night through the Humboldt forest, but could not explain the incident further. Paralyzed with fear, she refused to talk about what she witnessed or how she became naked. She was immediately transported to St Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka.

    While in the hospital, Christine’s ongoing terror was apparent. She expressed that “they” would find her wherever she went. She tested negative for drug intoxication and was later allowed to leave the hospital. Arrangements were made with her family to come home as soon as possible.

    That night, Christine stayed at The Red Lion Inn, Eureka, after being released from St. Joseph’s Hospital. She was last seen at a print and copy store the following day, acting visibly nervous while attempting to receive a fax from her parents, to replace her missing identification and enable her to buy a plane ticket home.

    Sadly, on November 14, 2008, Christine vanished.

    CALIFORNIA COLD CASE: It remains unclear if a rape test kit was performed on Christine while in admittance at St. Joseph’s Hospital. If so, the presence of semen or DNA might provide a valuable lead to investigators in the near future. Thankfully, in 2012, the voters of California passed Prop 69, which requires a DNA sample be taken from anyone convicted of a felony. If, in fact, a predator was involved in Christine’s disappearance, he may slip eventually. Let’s hope so.

    Christine’s backpack was later recovered from a spiritual center near Arcata, 20 miles north of where she was found bleeding on Tompkins Hill Road. Her I.D. and wallet were still inside.

    Christine Walters is a vibrant strawberry blonde female with blue eyes.

    • Date of Birth August 8, 1985
    • Height 5′ 4″
    • Weight: 1oo lbs
    • Tatoos: Butterfly on lower front hip, purple/green iris flower on nape of neck
    • Piercings: Left nostril, multiple ear

    Today, Christine Walters would be almost 30 years old.  Have you seen her?

    If you have any information on the disappearance of Christine Walters, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251.

    A word of deep sympathy for the Family and Friends of Christine Walters, Beloved Daughter and Citizen of Wisconsin. What a lovely young lady. I pray she will make her way back to you someday. True Love Never Dies.

    *A WORD OF CAUTION to young people thinking of coming to California, especially the Emerald Triangle. Infamous 420 places such as “Murder Mountain” derive their names from actual homicides, both solved and unsolved that truly exist. Be aware, the “natural” or “sustainable-green” culture of Northern California is weaved together with the ever-present and deadly  marijuana culture. While marijuana itself may be medically acceptable, the greed for profit and gun carrying paranoia create an unstable and highly dangerous current, even in the most quaint of towns. Furthermore, just because a place or people claim to be “natural”, doesn’t mean they are safe to be around.  If you do come to California, exercise extreme caution.

    Comments or Contact: truecrimecalifornia@gmail.com or chandlerzone@gmail.com

    Written by Chandler Vaughn

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    sara jane  Written by Chandler Vaughn

    POLLOCK PINES, Calif. – Sara Jane Fawcett (also known as Sara Ward) was employed at Wal-Mart in Placerville, Ca.  Sara reportedly called in sick to work the day before her disappearance.  She was last seen the next morning, September 23, 2011 on King of the Mountain Road in nearby Pollock Pines, where she resided on her parents property.  The vehicle Sara was known to drive which belonged to her father was located safely, along with her purse and cell phone. But where is Sara Jane?

    SARA JANE FAWCETT – Help find this beautiful California citizen, Sara Jane!

    • Born on November 4, 1959
    • Age: 53 years old
    • Height: 5 feet 1 inch tall
    • Hair: Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Weight: 120 lbs

    EL DORADO COUNTY: If you have information relating to the disappearance of Sara Jane Fawcett, please contact the El Dorado County Sheriffs Office at (530)621-6600 . A $10, ooo reward is being offered in this case.

    True Crime California prays for the safety of Sara Jane Fawcett and will post updates until she is located. True Love Never Dies.

    Contact Chandler Vaughn: chandlerzone@gmail.com

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