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    BARSTOW, Calif. – The above composite sketch is the likeness of a young girl who was murdered and barbarically decapitated in February 2010. Who is she? And how did she end up in Barstow?

    JANE DOE – She is now known as “San Bernardino Jane Doe (Feb 2010)”.

    HUMAN REMAINS FOUND IN DESERT- In February 2010, a man hunting for aluminum cans came across a backpack on Lenwood Road, a dusty desert byway in Barstow, just off California’s Interstate 15 near State Route 58.  He picked up the backpack (shown below) and opened it to find the severed head of a teenage girl wrapped in two plastic grocery bags.

    Barstow Police were called to the scene.

    SAN BERNARDINO JANE DOE (FEB 2010) – Did you know her?

    The girl was estimated to be 14-19 years of age.

    • She was Latina or possibly Caucasian.
    • Her hair was brown.
    • She had been deceased for around three days before she was discovered by the roadside.
    • Extensive dental work present in her mouth indicates she was fairly well taken care.

    SKETCH OF VICTIM– A composite sketch of what the young Jane Doe may have looked like was released by authorities. The remaining parts of her body were never found, so a height and weight couldn’t be determined.

      San Bernardino Jane Doe Feb 2010

    UNIDENTIFIED / UNSOLVED – Jane Doe’s murder and identity remain unsolved.

    BARSTOW POLICE- If you have information on the identity of San Bernardino Jane Doe Feb 2010, please call the Barstow Police at 760-255-5134.

    • 1-800-78-CRIME to leave an anonymous tip.
    • 1-800-222-FIND
    • www.wetip.com to leave an anonymous tip.

    Rest in Eternal Peace Jane…God Be With You…True Love Never Dies

    Written by Chandler Vaughn. Contact:chandlerzone@gmail.com


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  • unidenitified  2006 nevada countySketch of Nevada County Jane Doe found 2007

    In 2007, the skull and bones of a young woman were found by hikers off of State Hwy 20, in the forest above Nevada City, California. The remains were examined by forensic dentists, pathologists, and anthropologists but the identity of this young lady is still unknown.

    The victim was determined to be a female of Asian descent, at least 30 years of age.

    Although the victim’s remains were partially decomposed, it is believed she died or was placed in the woods at least 6 months before discovery, but no longer than one year, according to experts.

    If you have any information regarding this case please contact the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office at 530-265-1263 or call the Tipline: 530-470-2400.

    Deepest sympathy to the mother of Jane Doe, who is suffering somewhere, missing her baby girl. True Crime California will continue to post updates on Nevada County’s Jane Doe until she is identified and whoever may be responsible for her death is brought to face the full force of Justice. True Love Never Dies.

    *See a similar unsolved case, TCC article written about Jennifer Lynn O’Brien of Nevada County, another female, who disappeared from Nevada County in 2005, also found off of State Hwy 20.*

    Written by Chandler Vaughn. Contact chandlerzone@gmail.com





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