How to Report a Missing Person in California

How to Report a Missing Person in California.

CALIFORNIA MISSING PERSONS – How to report a missing person in California. You may initiate a Missing Persons Report by contacting local law enforcement, immediately. Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement agencies in California do not require a specific length of time to pass before reporting a person missing.

Written by Chandler Vaughn

CALIFORNIA: HOW TO REPORT A MISSING PERSON – If you have to report a missing person in California, be thorough. It is best to make contact at all four levels of law enforcement. This is imperative to make sure the name of the missing person is logged into city, county, state, and nationwide search systems, if possible.

CALIFORNIA LAW ENFORCEMENT – Our law enforcement agencies do an excellent job of finding and solving missing persons and murder cases. However, many new cases arise every day. Diligent action from family members and communities helps NamUs (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System) and smaller agencies in California stay up to date.

UN-IDENTIFIED DNA – Even in this day and age human remains go unidentified for years. For example, take the well-publicized case of Isaiah Marsh, may he rest in peace.

UNSOLVED MURDER OF ISAIAH MARSH – First, Isaiah was reported missing in Nevada County, California. Next, Isaiah’s truck was found abandoned in Riverside County, nine hours away. Finally, Isaiah’s remains were located but continued to be unidentified in Riverside County for another four years. *Four years later, Isaiah’s unidentified remains were matched to his Missing Person Report/DNA originally filed in Nevada County.


  1. California Counties – Start with the county where the missing person was last seen or known to be. There are hundreds of micro-towns in California, so tiny they cannot be recognized on a map. If you are just starting your search begin with the county first. *If the person went missing within a known city limit, begin with the City Police Department, in addition to the County Sheriff’s Office.
  2. State of California – Immediately following a missing person’s report, a sample of the individuals DNA should be made available to the State of California. Unidentified remains (from anywhere in the state or USA) can then be matched, when located, rather than years later.

MISSING ADULTS – If your child is a missing adult and you feel concerned, do not hesitate to file a report in the city or county in which your child was last seen. Unfortunately, in certain cases, missing adults with adverse life situations (such as drug addiction, homelessness or prostitution) are sometimes treated with less urgency. Such is also the case with adults who are mentally ill. There are times when it is assumed that the individual has left or disappeared intentionally and may not want to be found. If you feel this is true in your child’s case, continue pressing forward. Call again. Ask questions. Check back. Don’t ever give up. True Love Never Dies.


  1. WWW.NAMUS.GOV – National Missing and Unidentified Persons System
  2. WWW.OAG.CA.GOV – Office of the Attorney General, California
  3. 1-800-THE-LOST – National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  4. 1-800-222-FIND – Missing Childrens Clearinghouse

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